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Post #1: The Exaggeration of Daffy Duck

31 Jan


As we talked about in class, animators tend to use different techniques to get their drawn characters to display emotions and personality. In this scene in particular, Daffy Duck gets very angry and mildly insane after being shot by Elmer Fudd. These emotions are shown mostly through exaggerations.

For one, Daffy’s body continues to stretch and contract as he bounces back and forth, showing off that his jumping up and down is even more frantic than usual. His feathers, particularly the ones near his tail, shoulders, and head are ruffled more than usual, showing off that Daffy is angry and going insane. As his rant goes on, the feathers get more and more noticeable ruffled, representing that his anger and insanity is growing. Finally, Daffy’s eyes are extremely wide throughout, and towards the end of his rant, an extra circle forms around his pupil, again showing off the delirium that Daffy is showing.

The comedy in this scene is now found, not only in the lines being spoken by Daffy, which have plenty of comedy on their own, but also in this exaggerated animation. Even with the sound muted, you can find comedy in the actions of Daffy, which is a testament to the amount of detail found in the animations. This scene is a perfect example of how the different principles of animation are used to create comedy in shows such as the Looney Toons.